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Line2 is the flagship product from Toktumi, Inc. Line2 launched in September of 2009 and has received numerous awards and glowing reviews with each new version. In August of 2010 Line2 became the first mobile VoIP app to win the prestigious PCMag Editors' Choice Award. Toktumi, Inc. is based in San Francisco, CA. Toktumi was founded by Peter Sisson in 2008 and debuted with it's first product, a hosted PBX VoIP system, at Demo to great reviews. Peter Sisson is a successful serial entrepreneur. He started ...

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Toktumi, Inc. has a product, Line2, that is growing quickly and becoming a preferred method for people's mobile communication. As a start-up telephone company, we have to move quickly and address new market opportunities. The intern will gain experience in usability studies, marketing, mobile advertising, social media marketing, branding, and business strategies.We are looking for 2 interns; 1 engineering intern and 1 marketing intern. ...

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